Kahn, Berger & Bond

[Originally written as part of a comic library blog/fundraiser.]

Jenette Kahn, Karen Berger & Shelly Bond
It’s very easy to give credit to people like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and Grant Morrison for bringing literary and punk sensibilities to American genre comics. But that vital injection of “mature” stories can be directly traced to three women working at DC comics in the late ’80s. Kahn (president and later editor-in-chief), Berger (executive editor of Vertigo), and Bond (executive editor and vice president after Berger) diversified American comics, both on the shelves and behind the scenes. Horror and fantasy comics surged onto the shelves via Vertigo, and women and people of color started helming their own stories; Milestone Media, a coalition of African-American cartoonists, was published by DC under Kahn. These three deserve just as much credit as the comic-makers they hired—for the literary market and the world at large, they changed the perception of what comics could be and who could make them. (Want more info? Check out the She Makes Comics documentary on Netflix now.)


Karen Berger taking over House of Mystery.


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