Big Comics

[Originally written as part of a comic library blog/fundraiser.]

While publishing formats and sizes have small effects on prose, they’re a vital, formal component of comic books. The size and shape of pages helps define the pace and style of a book, and changing formats can have a dramatic effect on the content. This is just a long way of saying, though, that really big comics are really cool. They can be packed with small panels, creating a cubist or rapid-fire feeling of perspective. Or the art can stretch across bigger-than-letter-sized pages, creating a dazzling sense of scope. They can overwhelm, showing literally more than the eye can take in at a glance. Open one up, set it on the floor, lay down, and have a read.


Fun for the whole stock-photo family.

In the library (a sampling):
Big Numbers by Alan Moore & Bill Sienkiewicz
Little Nemo in Slumberland by Windsor McKay
Schizo #4 by Ivan Brunetti
At the End of an Action Movie by Will Dinski
Baba Yaga and the Wolf by Tin Can Forest
God and the Devil at War in the Garden by Anders Nilsen


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