Inktober is happening, as usual: a month of daily prompts for (primarily visual) artists intended as a fun and/or loose exercise. But as we are anxious flesh things, we worry about keeping up; people start early out of fear of getting them all done. But those are bad vibes! This is (I assume?) intended to be a fun networking thing. So can I please introduceĀ DUNGEOCTOBER?

Dungeoctober is the daily practice of using Inktober prompts to build a dungeon (or anything that is dungeon-adjacent or totally-not-a-dungeon) for roleplaying games, LARPs, or any other gaming platform. Blame World Champ Game Co, who’s done this before.

So what do I do?

Just choose a source of Inktober prompts and try to do it. If you do all of them, you can publish it on itch.io as a dungeon. Or if you finish some of them, you can publish it. Or if you finish none but get some “sketching” done, that’ll be useful to your current or future gaming groups. Or if you finish none and only think about it, same. Here are some steps.

1. Pick a Prompt List

Here’s the basic or “official” Inktober list for 2019:

Lots of good dungeon words on here, right? Enchanted, dragon, ghost, etc, mixed with some more vague ideas. But what if…we got…weird…? Here’s one of multiple lists generated by a bot:

This is absolutely the one I’m using.

After you a pick a list, what happens?

At the base level, just do it? You can make each day a separate room and then connect them and move them around after. Or you can do a random thing, like each room has 1d4 doors that connect to the rooms generated across the following days. Or I’m sure there are geniuses among you that can make tables that pick results across a number of Inktober tables and offer up a random one each day.

So what?

Using Inktober to generate a single dungeon room that you didn’t have before? Better than having no rooms. Don’t have a finished thing? I bet you have cool ideas. Draw it. Make tables. Write about your feelings about the theme. Keep a journal about traveling through the dungeon. Or save it for next year.

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