DM’s Guild: Heartless Princess Anthology

Here’s my first upload to the DM’s Guild, Wizards of the Coast’s user-contribution storefront: The Heartless Princess Anthology. The product description:

Accompany an eclectic caravan through a patchwork world or get shot from a cannon into a patch of dead land ruled by indolent liches. These two scenarios are made for first-time players and DMs. While made for 5th Edition, they’re easily usable in other D&D editions and fantasy settings such as Dungeon World.

Both of these adventures are vinegar reductions of my DM approach: scared or cagey or wounded people have competing wants and interests that exist outside of the typical limits of economics; they need compromise or negotiation or protection.

The first scenario is a murder mystery set around a traveling caravan the PCs are leading and guarding. The victims: humans with the minds of dogs that are pulling a mysterious sled. The suspects: a shih-tzu monk, a dishonored diplomat, two dwarven war nuns, a grody librarian, and a troupe of actors. Can the murderers be found before the caravan arrives and disperses?

The second scenario has the PCs negotiating with three mad liches who used to serve a mobile, evil planet. Now they’re like Grumpy Old Men but with terrifying magical powers. Will the characters heal their ancient rift? Find the object they seek? Or just troll the crazy old men?

The adventures rely on the same implicit world and can be run in sequence or on their own. While NPCs are given fifth edition D&D stats from the Monster Manual, they can easily be converted to other editions and even other systems. They’re not mechanically reliant on D&D in any major way.